Friday, April 15, 2011

An update...still nothing

Well, it’s been quite some time since the last posting on here.  Not that we have been super busy finalizing an adoption, making travel plans or really anything adoption related.  In this time, we have seen another couple receive a referral, accept it, and get tentative travel dates.  But, as for us, nothing.  No news.  Waiting is hard.  Everything that we have control over, is complete.  Now we just wait to be matched up.  One can’t help but wonder about our papers.  Are they just laying on someone’s desk in Poland?  Have they been opened up and looked at?  Do they know that we are longing to see our child for the first time?
The month of February saw the one year anniversary of my knee being reconstructed after tearing lots of stuff in a church league basketball game the previous season.  Snow and cold weather came and went.   To celebrate her first Valentine’s Day, we were able to get Layla ear tubes.  What a great gift!
March showed promise of spring weather one day and then snow the next.  Kentucky weather is great.  The madness that is college basketball proved to be exciting for our beloved Kentucky Wildcats who made it all the way to the Final 4.  Kentucky basketball is a religion in this state for those of you outside of Ky.  March brought 4 teeth for our youngest daughter Layla.  Battling teething pains, ear infections, and pierced ears made for a fun month at our house.  Our other daughter, Ryleigh, also had her ears pierced for spring break.  Despite the sounds she made afterwards, she did not die from the piercing or the splinter she got weeks later.  You would have thought we were amputating her finger.  We are now post- piercing, post-splinter, and enjoying an ear infection and strep throat.
On the church side of things, our pastor Patrick Whyte is delivering God’s word.  He is a gifted speaker and has preached challenging and thought provoking messages one after the other.  He is currently preaching through the book of Acts, as we are making the journey to look more like a New Testament church.  Our Sunday school class has been reading the book, Radical, by David Platt.  To quote a guy in our class, “It will change your life.”  This has been a great book.  It’s God inspired and opens your eyes to the way we do church and God versus the church and God of the Bible.  We are meeting in small groups to dig deeper into the book to examine what it says, what the scripture says, and then what we are going to do about it.  My fear when presenting this book to the class was that we would read it and then not act upon it.  Having your eyes opened to what God wants us to do and then not acting upon it could be devastating.  There are so many challenges and new perspectives on what the American God is like, but compared to the God and Jesus of the Bible, we have molded them to look like us instead of us being molded to their image.  One of the best sections in the book talks about people who think they are not “called” to missions.  This is correct.  Jesus did not call us, he commanded us.  This is a command to all, not a calling for some.  Do we really think that God is only calling a few to do the work and that the great reward of Heaven would be for everyone?  Yes, I understand that not all are called to go to Poland, Africa, or wherever.  But, we are however, all responsible for getting the Gospel to these people.