Friday, September 17, 2010

What do dinosaurs have to do with adoption?

Out of all the mindless shows that are on TV, many of which I am guilty to watching, one that has quickly become one of our family favorites is Dinosaur Train on PBS.  This is one of my daughters favorite shows and being that it was on PBS, we trusted it was okay for her to watch and never really paid too much attention to it until here recently.

As we have been moving through the adoption paperwork and process, we have been trying to talk to her about what is going on and what to expect.  We have told her that the new baby may look different, and depending on age, talk different.  We think she is getting it a little, but she is 4 and I could convince her of most anything.  And then one day, we sat down to watch TV with her and let her choose whatever she wanted us to watch, and she chose Dinosaur Train.  I was a little boy once, dinosaurs + trains sounded bearable to me.  It is better than watching the Barbie Nutcracker movie for the hundredth time.

We sat down and immediately were captivated by the introduction.  The show begins with Mrs. Pteranodon watching her eggs hatch in the nest.  Three Pteranodon eggs hatch (Tiny, Shiny and Don) and then a 4th egg hatches a different dinosaur named Buddy.  This mother dinosaur gives a great response to the other kids and the adventure begins.  Here is the clip below to check it out.  What a great lesson about adoption for kids.

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