Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking back and ahead

This week brings a lot to mixed emotions to our lives.  Looking back, today is the anniversary of the Challenger disaster.  I remember 25 years ago, watching the news and seeing the explosion.  I was only 7 when it happened, but things like that stick in your mind.  Another anniversary happened this week.  It's been 66 years since the liberation of the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp Auschwitz.  Having visited Poland several times and going to both Auschwitz camps, it sticks with you.  The museum is horrible, terrible, frightening, and intriguing.  It’s horrible to see the death and destruction that happened there by the millions.  It’s terrible to see the lack of value placed on human life.  Frightening to see what humanity is capable of when God is removed.  It’s intriguing to see the stories of people that never lost hope, pressed on, and sought change.

Looking ahead, we have a chance to experience change in our church, our church future, our community and in our lives.  After over 2 years without a full time pastor, our pastor search committee is presenting a man of God for our vote this Sunday.  Our interim pastor has been preparing our church, our hearts, and our church body for this change, though he has had no hand in the committee’s decision. 

We have very little color in our church.  Tradition tradition tradition.  Cynthiana Baptist Church history talks about our members having servants and people of color belonging to members.  BELONGING TO MEMBERS.  Our pastor candidate is going to bring change.  He is a black man from Nigeria.  He is 7 feet tall in shoes.  He is married to a white girl.  While the deceased church members roll over in their graves, we (most of us under 50 years old and a few over) are excited.  This man of God, who happens to be black, is awesome.  He loves missions, is led by the Spirit, and seems to have no flaws.  We wonder if we bring in a pool, can he walk across it.

Several people have said they don’t see him as black, emphasizing they fact that they are not racist.  Feeling the need to tell people you are not racist, in my mind, seems odd.  People, he is 7 feet tall and black.  You can’t help but notice.  Some have said they just don’t think it’s right that he’s married to a white girl and he is black.  Why?  They can’t give an answer other than, “I just don’t think it’s right.” 

Our church is going to change this Sunday, one way or another, for the better or for the worse.  A no vote is going to upset the younger generation (the church future) and a yes vote may upset the older folks (the church money) for whatever reasons, right or wrong.  I think that there is going to be some “weeding” out within the church body.  Sad, but it’s probably going to happen.  We have been praying for the Spirit of God to speak to us Sunday morning and that His will is done, regardless of ours.  Something that will be interesting is to see how members, who have not darkened the door for months or years, show up to vote.  “Christians” are hard to figure out.  Here is a website with some information on our candidate, Patrick Whyte.

On the adoption side of things, no news.  We are looking for some fundraising ideas though.  We need about $10,000 more and we’ll be about where we need to be financially.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.  In the mean time, pray and smile!


  1. Oswiecm ~ agreed. One is different upon departure from what they were upon arrival.

    Black ~ agreed. If you have to play that ridiculous card then you've got something you think you have to prove. One's doctrine is showing with that comment. Would they look at me and say, "I don't see her as white."?

    We've been churchless for almost a year, I pray a pastor for you, and a road towards the bible and away from the world.

    Adoption ~ LOL! We'll be paying ours off for years, but will let you know if I run into money tree seeds. :) (So worth the investment though!)

  2. Leigh,
    I am proud of the woman you have grown up to be!
    Love You,
    Michelle Casteel