Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good news if you stretch far enough

We recently spoke with our agency and received news that both excites and frustrates us.  They said that some referrals had recently come in from Poland and that we had been considered for them, however, they came with requirements that we did not meet, such as Polish heritage.  I have a slightly German last name, so no getting around that.

However, we are telling ourselves this.  If SMIA works with about 20 couples a year, and 2-3 families recently received and accepted a referral, that means that if we were #20, we have moved up the list and are closer to receiving a child.  If we were anywhere in the line, we are moving up.  So that's good news.  If this line really exist somewhere, this is good news.  Not sure it does exist though.  We are excited for these families, but it just makes us want our referral even more. 

We know that God's timing is best and our plans do not always match up with His, but we are ready.

On the family side of things, our oldest daughter just graduated from pre-school and our youngest recently turned 1.  Our oldest still thinks she is from Poland and asks questions about when we went and got her.  She is excited to go over there and see the face of this new brother/sister we have been telling her about for over a year.

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