Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 2 of a fam of 5

Today's note will be much shorter than the last.  Not much going on today.  We awoke several times to a crying baby last night; however, it was the one we brought with us from Ky and not the one from here.  Layla is having a rough time adjusting still, some sharing probs, which we already knew and a little jealous at times.  On the other hand, Victoria had a great day.  She slept through the night and put up very little fight in going to bed.

Today began with a visit from Magda, who told us about our schedule and travel plans and lodging plans while in Warsaw.  We then took a taxi ride to the mall, which we have walked to several times already. While hanging in the mall for a while we learned that our camera can’t withstand 2 toddlers, Victoria loves McDonalds French fries and strawberry ice cream, Ryleigh will approach the record for most Happy Meals consumed in a week, Layla would rather break a cone into hundreds of pieces than eat it, Victoria fell victim to negative sibling peer pressure and decided to break her cone too, you can drop your kid off at the supervised play place for cheap and leave, and our first attempt at cooking proved to be filling, yet not real appetizing.  The burnt coal smell in air smells good in a weird campfire way.

One of the best things that happened today was strictly because of the iPhone.  At nap time, Victoria was unhappy and not wanting to go down easily.  She cried for a few minutes before my light bulb came on.  I remembered I have the Google translate app on my phone, which can translate English to polish and then say it audibly.  I typed in, “Victoria, it is time for a nap.  No more crying.”  I played it a couple times standing above the crib and nothing.  I then hid where she could not see me and played it just inside the door of her room, where she could hear it but not see me.  Not another peep.  Went to sleep and had a good nap.  Maybe the app voice sounds like a lady from the orphanage.  Whatever it was, we are grateful for the iPhone and that app.

Tomorrow we have our first visit from the adoption officials.  Hopefully all goes well and there are no Lay vs Vic battles between now and then.  Our court date as of now has been pushed back to the 13th.  Leigh’s parents are planning to arrive the Sunday before court to help with the kids while we are gone and to help us transition to Warsaw.

This evening we talked with Kim and Camden.  It’s always nice to see a face from home and keep plugged in to all the happenings in Cynthiana, which apparently in almost under water.

Specific prayer request(s) are:

1.       Please pray for Layla and her adjustment and sleeping habits as well as Victoria.

2.       Pray that the judge decides to shorten our bonding period, which brings us home sooner.

3.       Pray that Victoria does better with bath time.


  1. Many prayers I have sent your way.....enjoy your family time in your new daughter's homeland.

  2. You are all in our prayers. I'm sure the visit with the adoption official will go well. How wonderful that Leigh's parents are joining you before court. I pray Layla sleeps better tonight so that you can all sleep better.