Thursday, December 15, 2011

We made it to Warsaw

Just a quick note to update everyone on the events of the past couple days. Leigh parents arrived safely and have been a huge help with the girls despite the jet lag. Ryleigh and Layla were happy to see them and Victoria did not take long to warm up to them. 
On Sunday, we attended church one last time in Katowice at the Baptist church. This week, Dan was preaching so we were able to enjoy an English sermon. However, the most powerful part of the service was them music beforehand. Last week they had a small praise band with guitars playing familiar music. This week they had a young lady and gentleman. She was sitting at the piano playing and singing and he was playing the violin. It was the most beautiful music we have ever heard. No idea what the songs were, though I may have recognized one of them, but the beautiful sound of worship in another language was powerful. I looked down at Ryleigh during one of the songs and she was just singing out loud and praising God the best a 5 year old knows how. Little did I know that she was about to teach me something. I said, “Ry do you know this song?” She answered, “No daddy. I’m just singing my own words. It doesn’t matter.” What great wisdom from a little girl, who is not concerned with those around here, the fact that she does not know the song or the people singing beside her, but she does know that God doesn’t care if she knows the words. He cares about the heart and just loves the fact that she is praising Him. Wow. After church we again had a quick lunch with the pastor and said our goodbyes and thanked him for his kindness in showing us around a little and taking us in while we were there. Our next pastor to meet here in Warsaw is Paul Sock, another American.

Much of Monday was spent at the house with Leigh’s parents resting up and getting their energy back. Monday night Leigh and I were treated out to dinner with a couple we met at church, who also have 2 daughters, speak English, and he is a stay at home dad. It was the Polish version of us. They took us out and we had a great time with them and their daughter Sonia was great with Victoria. They were instant buddies.

Tuesday was the big day that many of you had been in prayer for. We headed out to court around 915, only to learn that court did not start officially until 1050, which, as those of you who have been here know, really does not mean it will start then. It starts when everyone is there and they are ready. Joining us at court were the lawyer, Magda our translator, the legal guardian of Victoria, and Basia, our social worker and then some pretty intimidating women along with the judge and a couple other folks. It was quick and easy. All the polish folks laughed a few times while we just stared and smiled. Hopefully my pants were zipped up. The hearing went well, just a few questions about us, our home, medical care, and Victoria’s needs and we were out of there. Our driver Tom said it was the fastest hearing he has been a part of. Thanks to Kim for scanning the paper for us again yesterday saying the US approves us to adopt. Turns out it was pretty important today. At the end of court, we learned we were approved and that in 15 days, Victoria’s paperwork should be in our hands and she will be officially a Hombirg. This makes her middle name of Noel even more special and appropriate. Thanks Heather! Our stay also was shortened by a week, meaning we should be home close to the first of the year. Probably the first week of January is the way it is looking.

The best quote we heard today at court, which comes from all of the prayers, was, “Leigh and Greg, God must really like you.” Supposedly things happened today that normally don’t. We don’t know what all took place, but people have talked about how weird the weather is for this time of year, things are getting done faster than normal, Victoria is doing well, and many other things. We learned that at this time last year there were feet of snow and below zero temperatures. I really believe that this trip has been and continues to be bathed in prayer and we are living out these answered prayers every day. We are grateful to our family and friends and church family for your love, support, and prayers. We could not have done this without you all. Thanks to our pastor at home for lifting us up as a congregation.

Lastly, our internet here is a little sketchy compared to our last apartment, but hopefully we can get it figured out and e-mail, FB and Skype with those who want.

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